Dear President-Elect Trump,
The gracious thing to do is to first offer congratulations. So, congratulations. I wish you well. However, sir, there are a few things I would like to invite you to consider or at least give some thought to:
You were elected by virtue of the Electoral College, an k18th Century invention that may have finally outlived its usefulness. Secretary Clinton won the popular vote.
Please keep Item #1 in mind at all times. It means that the majority of the people endorsed Clinton’s platform over yours, yet you will now be compelled to govern all of us, even those who did not vote for you.
Sir, you said that campaigning was the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. You will soon learn sir what an arduous, heartrending, bone-breaking, monumental task being POTUS really is. It will not resemble being head of your business “empire.” It will not even remotely look like your time at THE APPRENTICE. You will be required at countless meetings, briefings, discussions with world leaders. You will be called upon to send troops into harms’ way, to allocate funds for natural disasters here and abroad. You will be required to retain tsunamis of information and recall it effortlessly You and your family will need to set an example to all Americans. You will to called upon at times to be Comforter-in-Chief. That, and so much more. You will soon learn why your predecessors age so rapidly despite taking care of themselves.
Mr. President-Elect, along with all the aforementioned things, one of the most difficult jobs you will have, especially you, is to tolerate and metabolize the hatred, the dissent and the opposition you will inevitably face as the President, both from your own people and across the world. You will require a much thicker skin than we have seen you display throughout these 18 months (and frankly all of your public life). You will need to see yourself burned in effigy all over the world as your predecessors have and still show up to work, and not hide behind your Twitter account.
This isn’t going to be easy.
We will be watching. Every move you make, every syllable you utter, every appointment to any position in the White House you make, we will hold you accountable like no one has been held accountable before. Not just those who voted for you, but those of us whom you reviled on your way to the Presidency. No, Mr. Trump, this will not be easy.
We will embolden our Democratic leaders in Congress to also be vigilant and do the work of the people. And if they don’t they will be voted out and replaced with those that do.
We will be watchful for any white supremacist that may feel empowered by your (electoral college) victory to perpetrate hate crimes on any citizen of a marginalized group. We will insist that law enforcement bring swift and complete retribution on any person committing a hate crime in this country. And if the law enforcement officials do not do their job, they too will be voted out as soon as possible.
No, Mr. President-Elect, this will not be easy. So, while you’re fantasizing about Air Force One and the new interiors of the Oval Office, don’t get too swept up. You’ve got a lot of work to do. And a lot to learn.
We. Will. Be. Watching.
The clock starts……. now.